MySpace Is Finally Rolling Out The Reboot, And Justin Timberlake

Senior Contributor

Hey, remember when some advertising agency and Justin Timberlake bought MySpace for, like, less than 10% of what News Corp. paid for it? And then it disappeared off the radar?

No, you didn’t miss the reboot because you didn’t care: Specific Media has apparently been taking its sweet time redeveloping the site and…er…firing a bunch of employees. But that’s OK! It’s streamlining! Quick, look at Justin!

Now, apparently, they’re ready to roll, complete with Timberlake, at Advertising Week. Which is actually a pretty weird choice: normally if you’re launching a product, you don’t launch it in front of a bunch of marketing people, you launch it to the people who will actually be using it. But we’re sure Specific isn’t hiding behind Timberlake at all, especially not with a concert on their agenda.

We admit we’ll be curious to see what Specific is up to with this battered husk of a social network, but it’s going to have to be amazing in order to justify even a $35 million purchase.

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