Verizon Might Already Be Throttling Your Netflix Connection And Admitting To It!

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02.08.14 7 Comments

Netflix Verizon

Well that certainly didn’t take long. Dave Raphael at Dave’s Blog recently had an interesting chat with Verizon customer service that has raised a few eyebrows across the Internets. See the fear that Verizon and others may start to cherry pick services in the wake of the recent net neutrality ruling might be coming true, and Netflix might be Verizon’s first victim. From BoingBoing:

Dave Raphael of Dave’s Blog has an interesting post about a conversation he recently had with Verizon support and discovered some uncomfortable – yet wholly unsurprising – truths about how Verizon is selectively limiting bandwidth to AWS services and adversely affecting the quality of Netflix. The open admission of this by Verizon support was unexpected – but the fact it is happening should be of no surprise to anyone but the ignorant and naive.

The post on Dave’s Blog is an interesting look at what is happening and it has spurned a few, especially those at Speed Check, to start taking a closer look at their bandwidth. As Raphael says, it isn’t so much that only Netflix will be affected, but many pieces of infrastructure and business could be affected by this.

The trend where it slows down after 4pm is what leads one to believe that Netflix is a primary target, but nothing is official yet. I would say that the hunt is on for this Verizon customer service rep though.

Netflix Verizon

(Via Dave’s Blog / BoingBoing)

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