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James Franco’s ‘This Is The End’ Mural Is Not Very Flattering To Jonah Hill

By 06.12.13


Ironic modern day renaissance man and professional dicknoser James Franco recently painted a mural in Williamsburg (because of course he did) depicting himself and all his co-stars in his new apocolyptic buddy comedy, “This Is The End” (opens today, possibly excellent).

But Franco apparently didn’t run any of the likenesses by his co-stars, as Jonah Hill — who seems a bit temperamental — is a little bummed out about being depicted as a morphine addict from Picasso’s blue period, as he explained to Conan last night after telling stories of being owned in a dark theater and making the mistake of asking Ice Cube who the greatest rapper of all-time is. Mural stuff starts around the 3:30 mark.

I think we can all agree Franco totally redeemed himself with Craig Robinson’s t-shirt. As for Jonah, just the perfect opportunity for me to create my first ever entry to one of my favorite memes.


Team Coco

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