Corgi Friday Goes to San Francisco

05.27.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

I’ve been in northern California for the last week, crashing on Vince’s couch in San Francisco between a pair of weddings on consecutive weekends in the region. And so this week’s Corgi Friday pays tribute to northern California, with its picturesque beaches and hills and wineries and whatnot.
All of these photos come from the flickr stream of Ivy and Jacques and their corgi, Bryson, who headlined the “corgi and friends” feature last September. Their collection of photos — not just of corgis, but of their adorable Asian children and their world travels — is a blessing to the Internet. Click through for photos of Bryson chilling everywhere from the beaches of Carmel to Napa Valley to AT&T Park for a Giants game in San Francisco.

Hello, new motivational poster.
There are monthly corgi meet-ups in San Francisco! I’m totally moving here.
Harry Potter 7 book party.
Oh my God, the Giants have a game where fans can bring dogs to the ballpark! Allow me a few slides of non-corgi cuteness.
Okay, back to corgis.
Wine tasting.
OH MY GOD! He’s quadriplegic!

This is the only photo not taken in northern California. But c’mon, it’s a corgi in a cowboy hat. I’m not going leave that out.
Cannon corgi!
In Charles Schulz’s hometown, Santa Rosa.
See you next week! Enjoy your holiday weekend.

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