15 TV Theme Songs In Two Minutes, Played On Real Instruments And Everything

Editorial Director
01.03.12 3 Comments

Daniel Koren has emailed me once or twice before giving me the head’s up of what’s new on YouTube from his group the Koren Ensemble, and up until this morning I misread the sender to be “Korean” something and just assumed it was one of the many spammy “social votes” request emails I receive daily. And that’s a delete. I now find myself concerned I may have mistakenly deleted email deals to my local Korean taco joint.

So after realizing my error I gave the new video of his group performing fifteen theme songs in two minutes a watch. I’m impressed by how seamlessly they managed to meld the familiar TV jingles together. I’m also impressed by the not-trying-too-hard title sequence recreations. But I’m mostly impressed by how well they play instruments. I always sucked at playing instruments and have often dreamed of experiencing my own version of Groundhog Day just so I could learn to play piano.

This is the part where I tell you if you don’t get a 75% score on your TV theme song knowledge we can’t be friends.

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