These Cute Dogs And Cats Are Here To Share The Christmas Spirit With You

12.25.14 3 years ago

Photographed by blaserea.

It’s Christmas! Perhaps you’re looking at your smartphone while your relatives get progressively more inebriated; perhaps you’re eating Chinese food after watching a movie; perhaps you’re the only one stuck at the office so you’re belting out “Chandelier” while pantsless (we won’t judge).

But however you’re choosing to spend the holiday, these animals haven’t been caught unaware like those other animals (get it together, other animals, we’re totally judging; we lied earlier).

Continue on for 25 festive felines and convivial canines.

Photographed by Tyler Meyer.

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Photographed by MillandGrace.

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“Our new kitten, Loki” — MajinPaynee

Photographed by mouseplate.

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Who needs presents under a tree when you have this little cutie?

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Photographed by Turn Off Your Computer And Go Outside.

“Is Santa here yet?” — teknolaiz

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