A Drunk Woman Was Caught Having Sex On A Flight That Her Parents Were Also On

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05.06.14 2 Comments
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It’s a story that sounds like it was written by a teen Mad Libber. “A DRUNK woman was caught HAVING SEX on a VIRGIN flight to VEGAS a few feet away from where HER PARENTS were sitting.”

Attendants are said to have busted down the door after receiving complaints about the loud sex noises the duo were making.

She then allegedly had to be cuffed after screaming abuse at the crew. One passenger said she woman, who has not been named, was traveling with her mom and dad when she started getting steamy with the man in the next seat. (Via)

The Daily News is quick to note, “It’s not known if the man was already known to the woman, or if they met on the aircraft.” It IS known, however, whether he had the chicken or fish.



Via Daily News

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