A Police Officer Had To Remind People Not To Contact Law Enforcement Over Facebook Being Down

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08.01.14 3 Comments

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Facebook went down for a little bit earlier today. Did you notice? It was down for a little bit, and then it came back up. That sure was a very minor inconvenience, wasn’t it? I’m guessing you probably looked at Twitter for a little bit, or hopefully even UPROXX *makes awkward thumbs up gesture*, and then went back to Facebook and resumed business as usual. (And by “business as usual,” we all know that means stalking your ex, your partner’s ex, or your ex’s partner.)

What you probably didn’t do was alert law enforcement, which some people did apparently, forcing Los Angeles police officer Sgt. Burton Brink to tweet the following:

We are all completely doomed as a society.

(Via Yahoo! Tech)

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