A Walter White Lookalike Is Robbing Banks In Florida, Because Florida

05.24.14 4 years ago 3 Comments
breaking bad robber


Just when you think Florida can’t be any more Florida, it introduces a bank robber who dresses like Walter White from Breaking Bad. This is pure hilarity because, outside of the guy stealing money and terrifying people, the police had to the man’s likeness to the character. Via WESH Orlando:

One of the descriptions given was that he resembles the lead character in Breaking Bad. Sometimes he prefers the more scruffy version of Walter White with a hat. Other times he goes for the sophisticated look.

I took the time to transcribe that because I was laughing so hard that I actually felt bad for the reporter who had to say it. Describing the various Walter White costumes is how I feel when I wander around a Halloween store looking for something to wear.

When you watch it five times like I have, you really just think, “He’s just bald…?”

(Via WESH)

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