Alec Baldwin Is Also Apparently A Time Traveler And/Or Vampire

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02.03.13 5 Comments

Joining the ranks of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage as either secret time cops or vampires with great old-age makeup jobs, Alec Baldwin has apparently had a rich, full life, which includes being the Exalted Ruler of an Elks Lodge.

Come across by a Redditor, the photo is allegedly that of Joseph G. Kolans, who ran an Elks Lodge for a year. The gold star means he’s passed away. Sure he has.

Another piece of evidence of Baldwin’s vampirism and/or possession of a time machine turned up on the thread as well. He appeared as a minor Norwegian goverment functionary:

So, so far, we have evidence of Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, Alec Baldwin and Keanu Reeves capable of resisting the ravages of time. Apparently female celebrities don’t get any help. Come on, guys, at least preserve Tina Fey.

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