An Adorable Four-Year-Old Girl Reviewed The Restaurant Anthony Bourdain Called The World’s Best

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08.20.14 5 Comments

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The French Laundry is a very famous restaurant in Yountville, California, that Anthony Bourdain once called “the best…in the world, period.” I’ve never been there, but I assume even the appetizers cost as much as 10 value meals from Wendy’s. It’s a foodie’s dream to get a reservation, so I highly approve of the Bold Italic’s idea of having a four-year-old girl review the joint.

Lyla is the youngest person to eat a full tasting menu at the French Laundry. With all the widespread and well-earned prestige of the restaurant, it’s not difficult to find countless multiple-syllable reviews from professional critics. Here we prove that there is no purer critique than the facial expressions of a teeny tiny child.

Here are her thoughts on certain meals, including Hen Egg Custard:

Lyla was shocked by this dish. SHOCKED! She insisted that it was NOT a real egg because, as she said, “They can’t get the top of it off without cracking it!” Once she got in there, though, she loved it, even if she was tenaciously confused about what exactly was inside the “definitely not an egg” shell, explaining, “To me, the chicken inside is a fluffy marshmallow.”

Jardinière de Légumes

“This pepper tastes like babies.”


“It looks like the house that bees live in. AND I HATE BEES!”

Adorable. See all the photos here.

Via the Bold Italic

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