‘Arrested Development’ x ‘The Godfather’ Wins

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Yesterday Redditor Nate263 shared a side-by-side comparison he created after watching a lot of Arrested Development and 30 Rock. It’s a fun juxtaposition for fans of the shows but received a lukewarm reception as several of the comparisons are a stretch, not to mention sitcoms are inherently formulaic so comparisons like these could seemingly be molded to fit hundreds of shows (as evidenced by this Newhart variation). On top of that the Will Arnett portion is lazy, Tracy Morgan was forgotten, and it was well established two years ago that 30 Rock is actually a Muppet Show rip-off.

Then today Redditor schwins_cube — inspired by the 30 Rock attempt —  contributed his Arrested Development x The Godfather take and it sort of blew my mind. It’s exponentially more accurate and intriguing. The comparisons fit (Buster is Fredo!) like a glove and the captions are insightful. Not to mention the image quality is superior. Nate263, consider yourself pwned. Thanks for unintentionally sparking this Godfather comparison though. It’s epic. Even if it conveniently forgets Tobias and Lucille (Carlo and Clemenza?).

Full size versions of each to follow…



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Arrested Development x 30 Rock

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