As Always, Heidi Klum Is Awesome At Halloween

10.31.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

Halloween has always been a competition for female celebrities. If you’re famous and you want some cheap exposure and the attention and undying love of your fans to get a nice bump, then it’s simple – dress up in a crazy (or especially slutty) outfit. Unfortunately for most female celebrities, they’re not Heidi Klum. The iconic supermodel and “Project Runway” host absolutely, without a doubt, owns Halloween.
For the past 12 years, Klum and her husband Seal have dressed in elaborate and outrageous costumes as part of their annual Halloween party at the TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas. Adding to their awesomeness, Klum and Seal recruit hundreds of their celebrity friends and fans with deep pockets to attend the events, with the proceeds benefiting UNICEF. But if supporting a good cause isn’t your thing, you can always pay a few hundred bucks to attend parties hosted by Kim Kardashian or Snooki, knowing that the proceeds go to keeping them relevant and wealthier than you will ever be.
For this year’s big shindig, Klum hired an incredible makeup artist to make her look like she had her skin completely peeled off. Pretty gross, right? But how does her skinless look stack up against her previous costumes? See for yourself after the jump.

(Images via Heidi Klum’s website and Zimbio.)
Meanwhile, on Seal’s rock…

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