Troll Your Friends Every Day With This Wonderful ‘Back To The Future’ Tumblr

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02.25.14 6 Comments

This isn’t as much a newsy story as it is a how-to public service announcement, but you should already know better than to come to me for actual news by now. I also don’t normally condone trolling your own friends on Facebook, but have you looked at your news feed lately? I bet it’s an absolute clusterf*ck of political opinions, inspirational stories and photos from six years ago that 37 million people have shared just this week, and photos of unexceptional kids. And if your friends are anything like mine, there’s probably a crappy Back to the Future II dashboard photoshop in there as well.

For some reason, since as far back as 2010, people have been tricking us into believing that the date that Marty McFly travels into the future is everything except for what it actually was in the film – October 21, 2015. The majority of our friends fall for it, post the doctored images from random sucker and troll websites to their Facebook walls and then the rest of us have to spend our time correcting all of them, when we’re supposed to be wasting our time at work and school in far more irresponsible ways. Fortunately, there’s now a way for us to fight back and make the problem so bad that everyone has to deal with it, and that way is the trolleriffic Tumblr account “Today is the Day Marty McFly Went to the Future,” which posts a new photoshop of the DeLorean’s dashboard every day.

Originally, when my buddy Chris posted this on Facebook, I thought, “Oh no, it’s the end of days of this terrible prank,” but then I decided, “Screw it. Everyone should post each day’s photoshop to their Facebook accounts so everyone has to deal with it. Also, I should have tacos for dinner.” So thanks to TitDMMWttF and whichever diabolical Biff Tannen is behind it, we can now make the problem far worse than it has ever been. Just right click, save and post away, and then smile as your friends pretend that they’re the geniuses.

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