Ben Affleck Visited Lindsay Lohan In Rehab And Gave Her A Little Career Advice

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08.12.13 9 Comments

Don’t worry, folks. She’s in the passenger seat. (via Getty Image)

Lindsay Lohan has been out of her latest rehab stint for a week or so, and it seems like everything is on the up and up thus far, as there have been no reports of late nights spent partying or someone in a Porsche making Grand Theft Auto a reality. Sure, not many people believe that the star of The Canyons can keep her sh*t together this time either, what with her track record being a wee bit discouraging.

But it looks like she may be getting help from a little more A-list star power than just Oprah Winfrey, who is giving Lohan a TV “docu-series” and a considerable amount of money with it. According to TMZ, Lohan was paid a visit by another graduate of rehab and the Golden Globes winner for Best Director, Ben Affleck, who offered the troubled former child star a little advice on how to make it back to the top.

Affleck — who himself was in rehab back in 2001 — met Lindsay somewhere away from the Cliffside rehab facility in Malibu where Lindsay was getting treatment. We’re told Ben gave her guidance on how to maintain sobriety after rehab for someone in Hollywood.

We’re told Ben talked to Lindsay about how to make a comeback in Hollywood — a subject on which he’s an expert. Ben talked to Lindsay about her career — on how talented she is and how she has the ability to turn things around.

Ben also told her how supportive the entertainment community is for people who make a real effort to get better and stay clean. Our sources say the meeting really touched her. (Via TMZ)

This must be what Affleck’s BFF Matt Damon was referring to when he told Rolling Stone’s movie critic Peter Travers that Affleck is a “perennial optimist,” because it seriously takes a man with unparalleled positivity and trust to lend this kind of support and guidance to a girl who has demanded, begged for and been given more second chances in the past few years than Affleck or any of us can even count on both hands. But hey, anything is possible with Oprah.

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