Oh, Just Bill Murray Sipping Wine Through A Straw While Wearing A Delaney Barbecue T-Shirt

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07.24.13 5 Comments


Whew. I was starting to get concerned. It has been far too long since the internet has been treated to an image of Bill Murray in a completely random situation and I was beginning to think something was off and my world may be shaken to its very core at any moment.

But now the proprietor of Williamsburg’s Delaney Barbecue, Daniel Delaney, has shared via his Instagram the above image of Bill Murray dining in his establishment. It of course wouldn’t be a Bill Murray sighting if it was nothing but a fork of brisket and a smile. No, it’s only a Bill Murray sighting when it involves wine (or maybe sangria? I don’t see a garnish), multiple straws, and a restaurant t-shirt that Bill presumably pulled off the wall and yanked over his clothes without paying for it.

Bill Murray: providing your venture with best web advertising money can’t by since he felt like it.

Daniel Delaney via Free Williamsburg

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