Boston Red Sox To Wear Tribute Uniforms Today

Senior Writer

As yesterday’s manhunt for suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev expanded throughout the neighborhoods of Boston and beyond, the Boston Red Sox and Bruins received notices from law enforcement officials that the teams should postpone their games, to which they complied. However, with Tsarnaev in custody and the people of Boston attempting to find normalcy, the Red Sox will take the field at 1:10 PM ET today as scheduled to do their part in the healing process.

Sox outfielder Shane Victorino Tweeted a photo of the team’s throwback jersey for today, complete with a “Boston Strong” patch and a Boston police hat. And according to CBS Sports, today’s jerseys will be autographed by the entire team and then auctioned off with the proceeds benefiting a relief fund for victims of the bombing.

The scene should be an emotional one in Boston, most certainly complete with one of the loudest renditions of “Sweet Caroline” that the Yankees fans, who sang to show their solidarity with their rivals earlier this week, will probably be able to hear all the way back in the Bronx. But if I can make one little request to the fans at Fenway Park today… how about an encore?

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