Breaking Development: ‘Breaking Bad’ Hilariously Meets ‘Arrested Development’

Editorial Director
11.11.11 2 Comments

Whenever I start the week with something Arrested Development related the comedy gods always seem to take notice, smile, and bestow on me some symmetry, so it only makes sense that I just stumbled across my new favorite TV mashup Tumblr, Breaking Development. That says a lot coming from someone who admittedly hasn’t seen an episode of Breaking Bad. Oh, the self-loathing.
Maybe it’s a credit to how amazing and memorable Arrested Development lines are, or maybe Breaking Bad just has a natural harmony with Bluth dialogue, but of all the AD mashups (previously: Game of Thrones and Mad Men) I think this combination hits most often. The Michael-GOB prison/hospital exchange alone makes the case. “Ta-da…”
Breaking Development

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