Can You Identify These 8 Movies From Their Emoji Plots?

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01.11.13 9 Comments

Have you ever needed to tell someone that you have to use the little boys/girls room through text, but don’t want to actually to use the words “number one,” “number two,” or the dreaded “number three”? That’s the brilliance of Emoji, and the Emoji poop icon specifically. That little guy’s a lifesaver.

Emoji has recently exploded here in the United States after first gaining popularity in Japan, because they’re adorable and somehow less obnoxious than using acronyms and abbreviations 4 everything. (C?) People are beginning to get clever with their Emoji use, too, like on Emoji Plot, where entire movie summaries are recalled told only through smiling faces and rabbit heads and diamond rings. For instance, the picture above: that’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

See if you can guess the eight movies “spelled” out below (answers are in the comments section.)









(Via Emoji Plot) (Via I Heart Chaos)

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