This Video Of A Canadian UFO Sighting Is Our Generation’s Double Rainbow

Creative Director
07.02.14 9 Comments

Oh, Canada. Must everything you do be so adorably entertaining?

There was a “UFO sighting” in Ontario yesterday, and lucky for us the Canadian Bill Murray was there to capture the event and provide us with a string of panicky quotable quotes. Can you blame him for freaking out? It’s kind of a natural reaction when flying orbs assume attack formation and come for your poutine, maple syrup, and — of course — anus. Son of a dick, indeed.

The sighting comes courtesy of 1puglife, a pseudo-Jackass, “real life Trailer Park Boys” YouTube channel that normally uploads videos of its owners blowing things up and crashing anything with wheels. I, for one, think they should abandon the stunts and stick to just looking at stuff.

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