Century 21 Canceled A Banksy Show After He Called 1 World Trade Center A 'Disaster'

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10.28.13 33 Comments

Blocked Messages

As Banksy’s month-long “Better Out Than In” residency continues throughout New York City, the world famous street artist has been creating an almost completely positive stir with his unique and random art displays. People have been racing all over the city as he posts each new piece of art to his website, while we’ve even seen some opportunistic d-bags pretending like they can claim ownership over something that doesn’t belong to them. But perhaps most surprising has been the fact that Banksy hasn’t really pissed anyone off (except the local artists). That is, until yesterday.

Banksy’s masterpiece for Sunday, October 27 was supposed to be an op-ed piece in the New York Times that expressed his honest opinions on the design of 1 World Trade Center. As it turns out, Banksy doesn’t really care for the design, and the Times didn’t really care for his opinion, because it never ran. Why? Read for yourself.

Banksy Op-Ed

Because of that whole “disaster” line, Century 21 even canceled the exhibit that the company was hosting for Banksy right across the street from 1 World Trade Center. According to the New York Daily News, the artist’s remarks – including the insistence that New Yorkers “lost our nerve” and the new building is a sign that “the terrorists won” – are understandably not sitting well with the locals right now.

If ever there was a time for Banksy to not get caught, I’d say it’s tonight.

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