Check Out This Roaring Yacht Fire A Man Captured With His Drone Camera

06.21.14 4 years ago

It’s not everyday you get to see an inferno this nice. Sure, there’s property loss and I hope no one was injured in the blaze. But once all of that is put away, you have to admire the beauty of the flame.

The footage was captured thanks to Kurt Roll and his drone camera. From the video description:

I filmed this approx. 10-15 minutes after the fire started . I was filming a friends boat in south bay close by when we saw the smoke coming from The marine groups yard. This was fascinating to watch through my monitor, but having a boat myself,I couldn’t help thinking of how horrible it would be to have your dream boat go up in flames. I’m sure the insurance will replace it, but wow , what a bummer and a hassle.

There’s not much that could make this better, except for maybe a little music. A little something to set the mood and make it just right. How about some Gerry Rafferty and “Baker Street?” I think that’d fit perfectly.

(Via Kurt Roll)

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