China Has Designed The Perfect Desk To Keep Your Cat Off Your Laptop Once And For All

04.23.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

LYCS Architecture

One of the great things about working from home is that I don’t have to put up with crap from coworkers who try to assert authority in the saddest and smallest way possible by policing refrigerator real estate, eat loud and/or smelly food at their desks, or come in spreading the plague everywhere after one of their goddamn kids comes home and infects their entire household.

However, as a pet owner who works from home, one of the truths of my daily existence is that at some point during the day, a cat’s butthole will come in direct contact with my laptop — most likely the keyboard part of the laptop.

Well, to solve this problem, an innovative Hong Kong design company called LYCS Architecture has created the CATable, an interactive piece of furniture which can be enjoyed by both humans and their feline companions — designed by Ruan Hao, and exhibited in the University of Milan at Milan Design Week. From the LYCS Architecture website:

[People] who lives with cat always has those kind of experiences:

1. Putting away the cat from your lap top was like a sentimental ritual of temporary farewell.

2. A proper sized hole could be so irresistible to cats. Their curiosity would be greatly satisfied through repetitively exploring the unknown  path behind the hole.

The design of CATable was a fusion of those experiences, as well a locus where the interaction occurs. It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats.


LYCS Architecture


LYCS Architecture


LYCS Architecture

The only downside? While daily occurrences of laptop butt-planting might decreased, I have a feeling that “lunch burglaring” might skyrocket. ESPECIALLY on tuna sandwich days.

(All images used with permission of LYCS Architecture)

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