Computer Software Can Watch You Play a Game and Then Beat You

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07.10.12 2 Comments

Anybody who has ever played an NES game has muttered the words “the computer is cheating”. And it probably is. Fortunately, that wasn’t possible in the real world! Until now, thanks to the French!

Researchers at Paris Diderot University have developed software that analyzes how humans play games. It watches videos of games being played and deduces the rules. Then it uses its enormous computer brain to humiliate you at Tic-Tac-Toe.

By all accounts, the computer is a ruthless gamer. Fortunately, it’s also not the best software for mastering games like chess or Call of Duty. But they’re tackling that, and soon we’ll have unbeatable player bots for all sorts of games.

Just nobody show them the cheat console, OK?

image courtesy Rob Boudon on Flickr

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