Dane Cook Wouldn’t Allow His Boston Strong Charity Set To Be Livestreamed

Senior Pop Culture Editor
05.31.13 6 Comments

When last we checked in with off-brand energy drink Dane Cook, he was telling Aurora theater shooting jokes that weren’t so much offensive as they were — SPOILER ALERT — offensively terrible. Fast forward nearly a year, and he’s still involving himself with national tragedies on the level of Good Luck Chuck: according to WCVB, “Cook did not allow his set during the Boston Strong Concert at the TD Garden to be streamed in either the video or audio feeds of the concert.” Why? Because he didn’t want anyone to pull a Dane Cook.

Shortly after the conclusion of the livestream, which was beset with technical problems, Cook tweeted:

What magnificent material did we miss?


I get Cook not wanting the general public to hear his jokes before they were ready, BUT: why the hell was he testing out new material at a charity gig benefiting victims of a tragedy that he knew was going to be livestreamed to millions of people? That’s like J. Geils Band, who were also on the bill, devoting their entire set list to songs from their upcoming album, not “Centerfold” or “Freeze Frame.” People are upset at Cook this morning because he seems to think people came to the Boston Strong Concert for him, when he was supposed to be there for the people.


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