A GOP Congressman Apparently Stood Atop His Office Building, And ‘The Office’ Jokes Are Rolling In

05.30.17 8 months ago

On Tuesday, Congressional candidate Mike Levin (D-CA) tweeted a photo of what looks like opponent Darrel Issa standing on the roof of his office, gazing at his constituents below and holding what appears to be a smartphone. According to Levin (and who knows if this is true?), Issa had come out briefly to speak with those gathered outside his office before retreating to the roof. Levin captioned the picture, “Yes, this really is Darrel Issa on the roof of his district office building. Too afraid to come speak with assembled constituents.”

And Twitter was ready:

There were many references to The Office:

And others riffed on President Trump’s preoccupation with crowd size following the inauguration and Women’s March:

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