Downton Tabby Is The Mannered Mashup You Didn't Know You Needed

Entertainment Editor

If you haven’t jumped on the Dowton Abbey bandwagon yet, you’re missing out on the most successful British period drama in years, which Patton Oswalt has been live tweeting about while wearing a tuxedo (no, really). About a month ago someone started a Downton Tabby Tumblr page, and now Mary Iampietro and Zach Broussard have created a video based on the same pun. British period drama and cats wearing fineries? Oh, internet, never change.

The parody starts with an appropriately-stilted impersonation of Laura Linney’s episode introductions and ends with a promo for PBS’s other fine television “pawgrams”. We would totally watch “Upstairs Downstairs With A Sh-tton Of Cats.” Make it happen, PBS. Viewers like us have spoken.

[H/T: TheDailyWhat. All images courtesy of Downton Tabby.]

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