French PSAs Mash Up Emoji And Perverts

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01.16.14 3 Comments

emoji terror

The French have their problems, but they undeniably have some killer ad campaigns. Like this one, from Innocence En Danger, designed to raise awareness of the dangers of both letting your kids chat with random weirdos online and emoji. And also to keep you awake, deep in the night, shotgun at your side.

Designed by French ad agency Rosapark, the campaign boils down to “Do you know who your children are chatting with?” by asking what emoji would look like if they were actual people. And, as a way to raise both awareness and hackles, it works. Take, for example Noseless Heart Spitting Dude:

emoji psa1

Or Gigantic Tears Businessman:

emoji psa2

We also like that the types on display here are an old businessman, a bald shirtless guy, and a hipster. Apparently owning a woolen cap means something much different in France. These probably will not be hopping the pond to your nearest bus station or billboard, sadly, as the campaign seems largely limited to Europe. But, hey, there’s no reason we can’t appreciate a good Photoshopping. Now where did we leave that shotgun?

via Rosapark

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