You’ll Be Shocked To Find Out The ‘Getting Stabbed In Public’ YouTube Prank Is A Terrible Idea

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11.20.13 6 Comments

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A guy named Josh Paler Lin, whose attempt to go viral last week failed when he decided to choke on food in public, thought he needed to step up his game if he was going to get the attention of the YouTube masses. The next logical step, of course, is to PRETEND TO BE STABBED in public. Hey, guess what?! It’s not really that funny to see people freak out and call the cops because they legitimately think a guy with a knife in his abdomen is dying, nor is it really that funny to see one good samaritan who witnessed the stabbing run down the perpetrator and nearly punch his goddamn lights out before the prank was revealed. He probably should’ve gone ahead and punched him. I wanted to.

Is this entertainment in the YouTube era?

I guess it could’ve been worse? It could’ve been a guy pretending to be the victim of suicide by hanging. Nope, actually, that one was hilarious.


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