Grumpy Cat Had An Art Show Once. It Wasn’t Awful.

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Last year Grumpy Cat (AKA Tardar Sauce) won us over with her cuddly curmudgeonliness. This little Ron Swanson in the form of a snowshoe cat became even more popular than we could have imagined, justifying a second meme watch filled with fan art and photoshops. But the fan dedication doesn’t end there. Now an arts center put together The Grumpy Cat Art Project to raise money for a children’s playground.

The Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment center in Huntsville, Alabama, collected Grumpy Cat art by over 30 artists in residence at Lowe Mill, the largest arts center in the Southeast US.

“Art can elevate even the silliest subject,” says Dustin Timbrook, one of the event’s organizers. Grumpy Cat could use some elevation; have you seen how stumpy her cute little legs are? Well, you can see her legs in this GIF, which was also Grumpy Cat’s response to whether or not she’ll check out the show’s opening on May 31st.

The works cover many mediums and will be auctioned online starting May 27th. Proceeds go to the artists and towards building a playground at Lowe Mill. A few of our favorites are collected below. The rest of the pictures, artists’ bios, and upcoming auction details are available at Lowe Mill.

Painted glass by Judson Portzer.

“Holly Morningstar combined her love of Grumpy Cat with her love of Game of Thrones to create a much grumpier, much furrier Daenerys.”

Ceramic sculpture by Calvin Hubbard.

Relief casting in paper pulp by Katherine Purves.

Painting by Jennifer Stottle Taylor.

Chainmail portrait by Erin Michael.

Watercolor painting by Terri Shows.

Relief sculpture by Denise Williams.

Hooked rug by Jeannie Vereen.

Painting by Gina Percifull.

Paper snowflake by Emily Bodnar, who set up a free template for a mushroom cloud Grumpy Cat here.

Charcoal drawing by Kristy Jane From-Brown.

Painting by Dustin Timbrook, one of the event’s organizers.

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