Guess Which State The World’s Largest Snake Has Invaded?

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11.21.13 15 Comments

When I run for president, my platform is going to be: BURN FLORIDA. That’s it. Nothing on taxes, nothing on abortion, nothing on gay rights. Just: BURN FLORIDA. I’ll win by millions of votes. In today’s latest installment of BURN FLORIDA, oh good, big ass snakes, the world’s largest in fact, just what America needed.

Green anacondas haven’t gained much attention as an invasive species, but the state of Florida has become concerned enough about them that photos for identification were included in the study guide that I was assigned before participating in the “Python Challenge” hunting contest. Based on the specimens that people I’ve spoken to have collected, I am convinced that a breeding population of anacondas has become established. The questions are how many there are and how big they can really get.

Anacondas make the Burmese pythons look like garter snakes. Between their advantage over fire ants, sneaky aquatic lifestyle, and sheer size that discourages even the largest of alligators from messing with them, the green anaconda could eventually prove to be the biggest problem in the United States’ wildest place. (Via)


(via Getty Image, via Slate)

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