Summertime Instagram Creeping Has Been Forever Trolled By Hot Dog Legs

08.19.13 4 years ago 3 Comments


Hot Dog Legs is everything you could possibly want in a Tumblr: one-off, brilliantly trolls web culture, and incorporates processed meat. The idea is so simple that I’m not even sure why I’m bothering to type this. Someone is putting together a collection of the go-to Instagram shot where legs quite often look like hot dogs while also posing some hot dogs as legs in order to ask the important question that has been in front of us all along: are those legs or hot dogs you’ve been salivating over while creeping on Instagram?

Some are easier to distinguish than others. Here are a few I thought were fairly ambiguous. Quite the fun summer game for anyone who enjoys images of supple and smooth young legs in fairly unremarkable locales that might actually be tubed meat.





Hot Dog Legs

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