It’s An Absolute Miracle That This Old Man Wasn’t Hit By A Train

Senior Writer
04.23.14 7 Comments

Waiting for trains to pass is definitely one of the biggest pet peeves of most motorists, behind slowpokes in the left lane on the highway and, if you’re like me, the fact that we don’t have flying cars yet. But I imagine that for a 77-year old pedestrian, having to wait out a train must feel like watching years go by. However, the only evidence I have for that theory is this video of an old man from the Czech Republic, as he was nearly hit and killed by a train after he either couldn’t wait for it to pass or he had no clue that it was coming. Whichever the reason may be, he’s probably pretty šťastný that he was slightly faster than a turtle on this certain day.

Since the guy survived with only a minor leg injury and a missing shoe, according to the Daily Mail, we can now focus on the second most important aspect of this video – what’s up with the dicks in the cars that didn’t even get out to help him up, let alone try to shout to him that there was a f*cking train coming? Man, I thought living in Florida was bad, but apparently the Czech Republic is right behind in terms of manners and human decency.

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