James Franco Made A Pooping-Themed Spoof Of Shia LaBeouf’s Motivational Video

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06.02.15 2 Comments

James Franco directed people to the above YouTube video via his Instagram and Twitter accounts earlier today, which appears to spoof that Shia LaBeouf motivational video from last week, which the internet had a field day with. He stands in a bathroom in a t-shirt and underwear, and loudly yells for little kids to poop in the toilet. As one does!

I guess if anyone is going to make fun of Shia LaBeouf, it makes sense that it would be Franco, who, in terms of weirdness, is basically like LaBeouf without alcohol problems and pretension. Your move, LaBeouf. This doesn’t end until one of you smears human feces all over your body or something in the name of art.

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