15 Jesus Everywhere Variations That Almost Make Too Much Sense

Editorial Director

Single-serving Tumblrs don’t seem to hit as often as they used to. Maybe the novelty has worn off ever so slightly. Or maybe we as a collective internet are just a bit more discerning, so now we provide the proper praise for above average efforts as opposed to handing out participation trophies.

With that in mind allow me to introduce Jesus Everywhere, a surging new single-server all the kids — of all denominations — are raving about. Photoshopping Jesus into activities that he looks super cut out for just works. There’s no denying this.

Is it quite Story Time Jesus lulzy? No, not in my opinion. But the options here are fairly limitless and it’s more of a lol cats for those of us with a slightly darker sense of humor and feline allergies. So please enjoy this handful that I feel make almost too much since while imagining Jesus destroying his drum solo.

Source: Jesus Everywhere

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