Kendall Jenner Posed In A Bikini With… Marcel The Monkey From ‘Friends’?

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02.12.15 7 Comments
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Lost in all the “where are they now” retrospectives when Friends was released on Netflix Instant last month — but seriously guys, has anyone seen David Schwimmer lately? I’m worried — was the location of one rascally worm-eater that pooped everywhere on set and was a general nuisance to the entire cast and crew. No, not Gunther, but Marcel, Ross’ pet capuchin monkey, about whom Schwimmer once told Entertainment Weekly, “I hate the monkey.” Classic Ross.

Well, good news. Marcel is back…in posing with Kendall Jenner form.

When Marcel made his first appearance on Friends in 1994, Jenner hadn’t been born yet, but the two mismatched lovers got along splendidly, with Allure noting, “The monkey twirled and played with her hair” (Kendall and Marcel > Ross and Rachel). No word on whether he “[vomited] constantly,” which was what Matthew Perry had to say about his time working with the monkey.

Unless Kendall played sister Kim’s “Jam (Turn It Up),” though, she was probably safe.

Via Allure

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