This Kid Was Actually Pretty Happy With The Result Of His Parents' Christmas Prank

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12.26.13 5 Comments

Vacuum Kid

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, parents sure love to play little pranks on their kids for the holidays so they can record and post them to YouTube and become the next huge viral hit makers. For example, this kid’s parents thought they had a surefire knee-slapper on their hands when they let their son unwrap his present, only to reveal that they’d gotten him a new vacuum cleaner. “How could you get me something like this,” most kids would scream as John Q. Internet laughed in the comfort of his own home. But not this kid.

Instead, this boy seemed pretty grateful that he got anything for Christmas, which is a delightfully refreshing result to an otherwise clichéd prank.

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There’s always the possibility that this is fake, but if this is real, a good lesson for any parents looking to pull off similar pranks in the future would be to give up after the first minute if the kid isn’t caving. This boy is obviously Teflon, but even a child having an understated, mildly upset reaction isn’t going to make 10 million people go nuts. Better yet, if you’re thinking about making a video like this, try to evolve it.

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