This Kid’s High-Speed Go-Kart Parking Job Is Better Than Anything You’ll See In Mario Kart

Creative Director
07.16.14 8 Comments

This might be the greatest parking job ever captured on video, and of course it comes from a kid too young to grace our roads and parking lots with a rare dose of competency. To call this maneuver “video game stuff” doesn’t do it justice; the kid puts Mario and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom’s famed kart-riders to shame with a high-speed, winding, screeching parking job for the ages.

Nearly as impressive as the maneuver itself? The kid’s calm and confident demeanor after pulling the whole thing off. If this turns out to be some sort of video editing wizardry, we RIOT.

(Via MrStarupN; H/T Tastefully Offensive)

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