Let’s Embrace Monday With This Dog That Has More Balls Than You’ll Ever Have

News & Culture Writer
06.30.14 2 Comments

I am really good at making puns, if you hadn’t noticed. See up there in the headline, where I was like, “this dog has more balls than you’ll ever have,” like the dog is just some badass beagle with nuts so big it can barely sit down and probably participates in extreme sports like paragliding and scuba diving? NOPE. It’s actually just a dog that got a whole lot of balls for its birthday. Supposedly 100, because I guess its people counted. As one does, when you surprise a dog with a lot of balls for its birthday.

It’s summer, by the way, and this is what the internet boils down to in the summer. Pretty much everyone I know is at the beach right now and I’m writing about a dog and its birthday balls. Is 11 a.m. too early for a drink?

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