How We’d Nickelroll Our Friends If Our Friends Were Chad Kroeger And Avril Lavigne (They’e Not)

Editorial Director

So there’s this new impeccably designed one-off site for photosharing called Look at This Photograph and — if I haven’t ruined the surprise already — it takes images and inserts them into the frame that Chad Kroeger holds for the brief seconds he wails “Look a this photograph!” from the video for “Photograph.” The whole thing is meta and internet-y and you should try it at least once for the novelty.

I wanted to up the ante and present myself with a hypothetical challenge (that’s just how I’m wired, deal with it slackers) so I’ve put together the first five photographs I’d Nickelroll everyone’s favorite Canadian lovebirds with if I had their actual joint email address instead of just Avril’s old hotmail account that she never checks anymore.

Face swap nightmare fuel above would be numero uno. And then I’d send over this Chavril mashup…

Followed by an ode to Canada

From there I’d mix it up with some Nickelcage because I want this to be a rock doc…

And finally Avril’s ex-husband and his girlfriend dressed as Chad and Avril inside the frame from Nickelback’s “Photograph” video because of the sentence I just typed…

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