Megan Fox Is The New 'Face' Of The Sharper Image

Editorial Director

I guess there’s still a market for holiday gifts that work properly for a month on average because not only is The Sharper Image still in business, but they’ve hired the dynamic easy-to-look-at Megan Fox as the face of their business. They’ve just released the above promo image and per THR:

Her sexy campaign will debut later this year, and will likely include TV commercials as well as print ads — perhaps even an appearance in the Sharper Image catalog.

Intuitively, placing an attractive half-dressed female on a bed with a single tablet (?) shouldn’t sell $400 HD Video Camera Ski Goggles, but I have a feeling that it in fact will. If Sharper Image really wants to up the ante though they’ll take a page from the Esquire GIF index and re-imagine this with Ms. Fox holding a Digital BBQ Fork in the other hand…

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