Meme Watch: Homeschool Harold Is Here To Remind You Homeschooling Is The Weirdest

02.08.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

When Tim Tebow divisiveness hit an all-time high a month or so ago I couldn’t help but revert back to the same feelings I’ve had about the guy since I first heard his story when he was being recruited by UF: Homeschooled = Weird.

Has he always seemed like a nice enough kid? Sure. Do the constant God references get super old? Of course. Does his accuracy make my drunk dart tossing look like a modern miracle? Certainly. But when all of that stuff was being debated ad nauseum (he’s a winner!) in the sport-o-sphere all I could find myself thinking about is how GD weird it would be for your mom to be your teacher for every grade ever.

Now we have Homeschool Harold, who has rejuvenated my morbid fascination with the subject. The meme is especially fun if you ever experienced the oddness of playing sports in high school with someone who you would never see in the halls. The range of this macro isn’t all that great, and I think the potential has already been maxed out, so here are my top ten.

On the plus side, Harold never had to worry about turning the corner to find drug dogs by his locker.

Sources: Meme Generator and Buzzfeed

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