Meme Watch: Lazy College Senior Needs To Borrow Your Notes

11.14.11 6 years ago

These college memes sure are popular, huh? First it was Naive Freshman Bro, then it was Sheltered Freshman Coed, and now the internet is taking a trip to the other end of the matriculation spectrum and tackling the trials and tribulations of the lazy senior. I don’t know that any of these are as genuinely lulzy and clever as they are identifiable and “funny cause they’re true” so people get a kick out of them. I was a college senior not-so-long-but-longer-than-I’d-like-to-admit ago, caught between that weird place of being over school but not ready to go to work so I get it.
Here’s a handful of the best of the new meme. They start getting really repetitive after a while so these just about cover it. And don’t ask me who decided that a random European kid drinking a Guinness at a sidewalk cafe  should be the face of this meme. I mean there’s no denying he looks plenty lazy, but come on. I hope I get consulted when “In Denial Dorm RA” gets created.
Quickmeme via Gorilla Mask

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