Meme Watch: Spock Is Not Impressed, FYI


Is it just me or is the internet absolutely on fire this week with hilarious memes? From the college freshman bro, to chemistry cat, to the resurgence of haters gonna hate, it’s been a fun, hilarious week on the internet. I’m guessing that everyone’s boss is out of town on vacation and you’re all just dicking around or something, because I seriously doubt anything’s getting done out there. And now we have the glorious “Spock Is Not Impressed” meme to LOL over.
What is Spock not impressed with? Well, everything, basically. He’s not impressed by iconic moments in American history. He’s not impressed by memorable moments in pop culture history, and he’s certainly not impressed by other memes. Nothing. Spock is just not impressed. He’s emotionless, after all. The man does not feel!
All of this appears to have been kickstarted by a guy named Sean who created a Tumblr dedicated exclusively to photoshops of Mr. Spock looking, well, unimpressed. Redditors apparently caught on and ran with it and now Sean is getting so many submissions that he’s overwhelmed.

I’m getting millions of submissions. Which is awesome…As a rule photos of you with Spock ‘shopped into them are not awesome. Unless you are Bruce Campbell, then they are completely awesome. Also, photos of thinks Spock might not be impressed by but without Spock actually ‘shopped into them, not awesome. I’m queuing submissions, so even awesome photos might take a few days to show up. If you submit a photo over 9000 times, no matter how awesome it is, I’m blocking you.

I completely get where this Sean guy is coming from: I was going to create a couple of my own but the ideas that I had — the Good Will Hunting one above and the Last Supper one after the jump — had already been submitted. Oh Internet, have I told you lately how amazing you are? I put together twenty of my favorites of Spock looking unimpressed. Enjoy…

The original…

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