'My Little Damon' Is The Weirdest Celebrity Meets 'My Little Pony' Sub-Reddit You'll See Today

Editorial Director

We’ve regularly covered the internet’s fascination with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic around these parts (my personal favorite still being Wu-Tang mashups) and on this Friday morning I’m happy to introduce the next evolution in Brony culture: a sub-Reddit dedicated to melding together MLP:FIM and American screen icon Matt Damon. My Little Damon has three rules:

1­. Tag NSFW posts
2­. Keep posts My Little Pony + Matt Damon related. If you can’t tell it’s My Little Pony + Matt Damon without the title, it doesn’t belong here. Same applies for self-posts.
3. Keep Calm and Damon On

So yeah, there’s some ambiguity over what combination of funny and full-on weird this is. I’m leaning towards 80/20 but feel free to judge for yourself. Why Matt Damon? That’s unclear as well. I can only assume a few hardcore Bronies are paying tribute to Damon’s underrated performance in All the Pretty Horses. Or he’s being punished for The Adjustment Bureau and We Bought A Zoo. Regardless, here are twenty examples I felt leaned more 70/30…

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