Public Shaming Of Neighbor’s Karaoke Night Reminds Us ‘A Herd Of Morons’ Screaming ‘Tiny Dancer’ Is Never All Bad

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09.11.12 3 Comments

East Londoner Oli Beale’s creative disdain for inconsiderate neighbors and their horrendous singing voices has gone unintentionally viral after he shared the inspired review he posted on his residence’s communal board following a night of being subjected to non-stop karaoke sloppiness.

Full detailed review below, complete with Pete Townshend and Aerosmith digs. Oli even scored a Telegraph write-up out of the whole thing, which mentions he also went viral with a review of the quality of his Virgin Atlantic in-flight meal back in 2009. I don’t remember that one, but airline food? Really? That’s a Bania routine. You’re better than that, Oli.

It really is impossible not to be moved by a group performance of Tiny Dancer, no matter the setting, isn’t it?

Via The Daily What

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