Nic Cage Is Still Looking Great

10.10.12 5 Comments

I’m so stoked to have beaten Maske — who keeps a wax statue of Nic Cage in his foyer — to this that I can barely compose myself, but here it is: the latest photo of Nic Cage looking just tremendous as he poses with a fan. You may recall the photo of Cage looking a lot like his Leaving Las Vegas character with a fan outside of a Vegas liquor store at 9am. Writes the Redditor who posted it: “my friend posted this pic from her plane ride on her facebook. nic cage looks pretty rough…”

In all seriousness here, I’m beginning to become a little concerned about Nic Cage. I hope he’s okay. The man is, pardon the pun, a goddamn national treasure at this point and I’d hate to see him fall down into another addiction hole. People around New Orleans still talk about the weeks-long drunken rampage he went on last year while filming a movie in town. Everyone in the French Quarter has a story about encountering a sh*t-faced Cage staggering down the street late at night. We here at UPROXX want our boy Nic to continue to be completely ridiculous without morphing into a total human train wreck. There’s a fine line between the two, one that Nic has toed expertly for much of his career, but I fear he may have fallen over the line. SO GET IT TOGETHER, NIC CAGE!

(Via Reddit)

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