Owen Wilson Balls So Hard In ‘Ni**as In Midnight In Paris’

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02.14.12 4 Comments

The idea of Owen Wilson traveling back in time and partying with literary legends in the 1920’s with Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Ni**as in Paris” stuck in his head the entire time has just made both the film and the song even more significant to me.

Merging the titles is so internet obvious I’m amazed it has taken this long, but YouTuber CrawlBeforeUBall has done such a masterful job putting this together it was worth the wait. Slicing (spoiler alert!) Corey Stoll’s pitch perfectly over-the-top Hemingway in for the Will Ferrell sample was particularly well done. My only gripe is the misnaming of the actual video. That was a ball drop, plain and simple.

Video ater the jump. I dare you not to enjoy. You may even lose your fear of death. NSFW audio, obviously.

Via Best Week Ever

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