People Are Unable To Identify Real Things Donald Trump Says From Gibberish

News & Culture Writer

Once again Jimmy Kimmel Live sent out their Lie Witness News crew to ask people on the street what they thought of totally fake, made up facts about Donald Trump — who coincidentally appear as a guest Wednesday night. Previously, the show did the same by asking people what they thought of Trump’s first GOP debate performance (before the debate actually took place), as well as surveying “what’s the worst thing Donald Trump has happened to [fill in the blank]?”

This time Lie Witness News made up some tall tales about the Republican presidential candidate,  and asked pedestrians whether they were surprised when Donald Trump said, “Guns don’t kill people, Marco Rubio’s cousins kill people,” or when he stated “If it’s brown, flush it down… to Mexico.” Because let’s face it, does any of this really sound all that far-fetched? Other than the part about Hitler tweeting, anyway… I don’t know about that lady.

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