Stone-Faced Russian World Traveler Takes The Most Gruff Selfies Ever

02.25.13 6 Comments

(This post is best enjoyed when read in a comically over-the-top Russian accent while drinking vodka straight from a bottle.)

Vitaly Zelkovsky is a 42 year-old man who travels the world, either in search of fun or to assassinate people on behalf of the Russian government. Sadly, he does not seem to find any fun, based on how utterly unimpressed he seems to be in the selfies he takes of himself next to some of the world’s great landmarks, so we can only presume that he’s a KGB hit man. And he’s probably a damn fine one with a poker face like his to boot!

I flipped through just about every photo he’s posted to the Russian social network and could not find a single one where he’s not absolutely stone-faced. Here’s a sampling:

Not impressed by Big Ben in London…

Nor is he impressed by a bullet train…

Or priceless pieces of art, for that matter…

You think a swim on a pristine coastline will get a rise out of this guy? Think again!

And so on…

Good news, ladies: Vitaly’s single! Too bad that McKayla Maroney girl isn’t age appropriate for him to date — they’d make for the most unimpressed couple in the world.

(Via: Buzzfeed)

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